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Math & Science Center

Tutoring Sign Up and Schedules
The Math & Science Center provides FREE group tutoring on a drop-in basis by trained teacher associates and peer tutors. All tutoring is facilitated in a group-study environment where collaborative learning is highly encouraged. Tutors can assist with the following:

  • Understanding key concepts
  • Reviewing chapter content
  • Developing stronger and more effective study skills
  • Guidance when solving difficult equations and problems

Math Workshops

“Learn, Earn and Succeed” – Get the extra support you need for your Math class!!

Just In Time (JIT) Math Workshops are offered on different days and times by our experienced faculty members on various Math concepts. Data shows that the students who attended the JIT workshops regularly have a higher success rate. Ask your instructor about the extra credit for attending these workshops, check out the JIT Workshop Schedule for the list of both in-person and zoom workshops and register for each workshop separately by clicking the topic link.

Note: Students attending at least 3 or more JIT Workshops will earn a $10 Bookstore Voucher plus extra credit in your Math course.

Science Resources 

The Math & Science Center provides students the opportunity to strengthen their studies in geology, anatomy and biology through the use of flashcards, slides, and anatomical and biological models. Students must speak to an SSC staff member to view these items for in center use.

Anatomy  Models:

  • 1 model of layer of skin
  • 1 larynx with trachea
  • 1 larynx without trachea
  • 1 eyeball model
  • 1 outer ear
  • 1 cochlea
  • 1 inner ear bone model
  • 1 complete skeleton, unassembled
  • 1 complete skeleton, assembled
  • Embryonic Development model (9 pieces)
  • 1 urinary system model
  • 1 right kidney model with nephron and glomerular capsule
  • 1 respiratory system model
  • 1 male reproductive system model
  • 1 female reproductive system model
  • 1 stomach
  • 1 brain model

Assorted Bones:

  • 2 femur bones
  • 1 scapula
  • 1 clavicle
  • 1 floating rib
  • 1 box C1 C2 vertebra
  • 1 humerus
  • 1 tibia
  • 1 fibula
  • 1 radius
  • 1 ulna
  • 1 manubrium/sternum
Image of decor layer 3 Image of decor layer 2 Image of decor layer 1

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