Honors Program

Honors Transfer Program

While you do not have to be a member of the Honors Transfer Program (HTP) to earn honors course credit at Compton College, those who qualify for HTP membership are encouraged to join, as there are significant advantages for students who are pursuing a university degree, including preferred admission and other benefits.

What is the Honors Transfer Program?

The Honors Transfer Program (HTP) at Compton College is designed to better prepare the highly motivated student to transfer successfully to a university and complete a bachelor's degree.

The HTP provides a unique learning environment that stresses academic excellence and develops the awareness necessary to achieve this goal. The major objective of the program is to prepare students to transfer by focusing on advanced reading, writing, critical thinking, and study skills. Honors courses are academically enriched to stimulate students intellectually, encourage independent critical thinking, and promote close interaction between students and faculty.

Honors courses fit into requirements of various associate degrees, as well as requirements needed to transfer to the University of California, California State University, and most other universities. Generally, students in the HTP complete the same number of courses as other students planning to transfer.

Top Reasons to Become a Member of the Honors Transfer Program

  1. Priority admission consideration for universities
  2. Priority registration for Compton College classes
  3. Personalized research projects for each class
  4. Increased interaction with transfer counselors
  5. Informative workshops designed to help you succeed at Compton College and when you transfer
  6. Permanent notation of honors participation on your Compton College transcript
  7. Increased chances of receiving scholarships and internships.
  8. Special opportunities to conduct and present undergraduate research - stand out on your university application!

Honors Transfer Program - Admissions Requirements

How to Join the HTP:

  • Current Compton College Students must meet the minimum 3.2 GPA on all transferable college coursework with at least nine transferable units completed.
  • Incoming freshmen or high school seniors must have a 3.2 unweighted total academic GPA or higher for grades 9-12 on high school transcripts. 
  • Completed HTP Application with all required materials. 

Remaining active in the HTP:

  • Maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA on all transferable coursework.
  • Complete English 101 the first semester enrolled in the program (unless already completed).
  • Complete at least one Honors course each fall and spring semester, with a minimum grade of B. (An honors course is not required during summer or winter, but honors courses taken during these sessions do count, and may be banked.)
  • Attend at least one transfer center workshop per semester. 
  • Attend at least two college-sponsored university tours per semester. 

Completing the HTP

  • Have at least 3.2 GPA on all transferable Compton College coursework at the time of completion.
  • Complete at least two regular (fall and spring) semesters in the HTP. 
  • Complete five honors courses/contracts, each with a minimum grade of B as explained on page seven. (NOTE: the HTP will count only one honors course completed outside of Compton College.)
  • Completion of workshop attendance requirements. 
  • Attend two scheduled counseling appointments per academic year and submission of documentation to the HTP.
  • Submit the HTP Completion Form first week of your final term. 

HTP does not require you to be a full-time student, but each semester you must meet all the requirements described above to remain active and retain priority registration. Students who are suspended from the HTP program for failure to meet these requirements may reinstate as soon as the deficiency is corrected. (Reinstatement is allowed twice.) Part-time students can participate in the program, please contact the HTP Coordinator for more information.

To apply please click here - Spring 2024 Applications Close February 29, 2023

Service Area Outcomes

  • SAO 1: The Honors Transfer Program will develop academically and civically minded students by encouraging students to engage in service-learning, volunteerism, and research that promotes social justice.
  • SAO 2: Students in the Honors Transfer Program will have at least one counseling session with the Honors Transfer Counselor per academic semester.
  • SAO 3: The Honors Transfer Program will facilitate at least one Professional Development workshop per academic year to encourage the participation of faculty in the Honors Program.

Program Goals

  • The Honors Transfer Program will develop membership (enrollment and retention) that reflects the demographic diversity of the Compton College community.
  • The Honors Transfer Program will work to grow the program via student membership and faculty course participation.
  • The Honors Transfer Program will facilitate the development of academically rigorous research as part of the honors experience. This will be facilitated through the development of honors course outline of record that include research as a central component. The goal is not to make courses harder, but to develop courses that dive deeper into the curriculum.
  • The Honors Transfer Program will seek to increase the participation of Compton College faculty in Honors course offerings, conferences, and student development.
  • The Honors Transfer Program will promote holistic well-being of honors students and faculty. This will include student support through mental health, academic guidance and counseling, enrichment workshops, and group and individual mentorship within the program.

Contact Information

Nathan Lopez - Coordinator

Carlos Maruri - Counselor

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