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Aligning with the 2023-2024 Compton College Goals objective to "Create a stronger sense of connection among employees, students, college, and the community", professional development enables faculty to improve their instruction, administrators to increase leadership effectiveness, and classified professionals to deliver pathways towards student success.
Training & Mentoring Opportunities:

PD Days   health and wellness resources  

Upcoming Events:
canvas open labs   compton college book club   conferences
Curriculum Open Labs   CVC-OEI   mindfull meditation  
faculty teaching and learning training


Classified Professional Learning Support Activities:

sos   book club   Classified Cafe   Cultural Connection
Contact Information

Pilar Huffman
Director, Professional Development 
(310) 900-1600, ext. 2142

As we transition to the Vision Resource Center,  Flex hour reporting or professional development inquiries should be sent to:

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