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Yvonne Godfrey 

Yvonne Godfrey Yvonne Godfrey always wanted to work with children. From 2004 to 2017, she operated a daycare out of her home. When the daycare closed, she decided to go to college and further her education in the field of child development. However, it wasn't easy.

After applying to a local community college, Yvonne quickly realized that her first college of choice wasn't for her. Her professors never had time for her or showed an interest in her or her progress. And after a minor mistake, she was told by the faculty that she would never qualify for financial aid. She was, essentially, entirely on her own.

But in 2019, Yvonne transferred to Compton College and the difference was like night and day. Suddenly, she had professors who knew her and cared about her, and were willing to take the time to help her succeed, on a one-on-one basis. They helped her sign up for the classes she needed and Financial Aid office helped her apply for and receive the financial aid she had been told she'd never get.

"It just started a domino effect," said Yvonne of the help she received at Compton College. She met wonderful people and with their help, was able to do more and more amazing things, in her studies and in her life.

One challenge she faced was typing. It was, of course, a necessary part of completing assignments, such as term papers, but Yvonne struggled with it, and it made her work difficult. Compton College faculty worked with her and helped her get more comfortable on the computer, to do the work she needed. In fact, during the COVID19 pandemic, when all coursework was suddenly online, Compton College provided her with a laptop she could use at home to continue her studies.

Perhaps the most important person Yvonne met at Compton College was Dr. Melita Ferguson. Still interested in working with children, Yvonne paid a visit to the college's Child Development Center. When she said that she wanted to volunteer at the center, Dr. Ferguson, the director of the center replied, "How would you like to work here instead?" Yvonne hadn't realized that students were able to be actual employees at the center, rather than just volunteers--but she quickly said yes.

"That changed my life," said Yvonne of the experience. She now works daily at the Child Development Center, helping nursery school-aged children learn their ABC's, and keeping an eye on them during nap time, and as they play outdoors.

Through her time at Compton College, Yvonne has been able to expand on the knowledge and experience working in daycare. She's come to understand that every child is unique and different. They all learn in their own ways. It just takes a bit of patience and understanding.

Yvonne excelled at Compton College and when it came time to transfer to a four-year university, she was accepted by every school she applied to. She now plans to pursue a B.A. and ultimately open a new daycare--this time, in a center, rather than in her home.

To those starting on the same journey, she has this to say: "You do have a future." But taking the time to pursue those educational goals is crucial, and can change your life--just as it changed Yvonne's.

About Compton College's Child Development Center

The Compton College Child Development Center provides full or part-time care for children of the college's students and employees, ages 12-24 months. They currently offer both online and in-person care services, to accommodate the different needs of different families, particularly during COVID.

The center also employs students seeking to learn about child development. It provides practical experience working with children, while also giving them the income they need to pay for their studies.

To learn more about Compton College and the Compton College Child Development Center, visit https://www.compton.edu/.

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