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Majesty Goodlow

Majesty GoodlowCompton High School 2019 graduate Majesty Goodlow is currently attending Compton College nearly free from cost through the Oliver W. Conner College Promise Program, which provides two years of waived enrollment fees for local high school graduates, among other benefits.

The child development major would one day like to own a business that impacts and improves the lives of children and their families. As a mother, Goodlow hopes to work in a career where she can help families overcome barriers and thrive. "I would like to be an administrator of some type of program that emphasizes strong family values and economic empowerment, as well as teaching life skills that augment the environment in the urban community," she said.

Goodlow selected Compton College because the location gives her the convenience of being close to home so she can attend to her son's needs while also getting an education. In addition to her college studies and raising her son, Goodlow volunteers at the Walter R. Tucker Park in the City of Compton. Her duties range from helping the children from the community with their homework to teaching a youth dance group she founded at the park called Explosive Dance Team.

Through Compton College's Oliver W. Conner Promise Program, high school graduates from the Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount unified school districts who attend Compton College full time (12 units) immediately after graduation receive guaranteed admission and have two years of enrollment fees waived, plus up to $400 per year for textbooks, course materials and supplies. Under this program, enrollment fees for the fall semester, winter term, spring semester, and summer sessions at Compton College will be paid during a two-year period.

The Oliver W. Conner College Promise Program also offers guaranteed admission and assistance with enrollment; priority registration; opportunities to participate in student support programs such as the First Year Experience (FYE) and Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) for additional resources to successfully navigate the first years of college; assistance applying for additional financial aid to help with other college-related expenses; and Summer Bridge classes for recent high school graduates to assist with college-level English and math placement.

Having the first two years of her college education mostly paid for will put Goodlow in a stronger position from a financial standpoint to transfer and continue her bachelor's degree and beyond. "The Oliver W. Conner Promise Program has continued to be a valuable resource that enables me, through support programs, guidance and counseling, to know what is expected of me in college," said Goodlow. "I believe that the program is instrumental in propelling me to become more than just an average student."

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