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Counseling Faculty and Staff Directory

Dial 310-900-1600, then enter the extension number of the counselor or staff member you are trying to reach:

Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Location
Carlos Maruri   2081  Administration Building, room D  cmaruri@compton.edu
Citlali Gonzales  2783  Vocational Technology, room 152  cgonzales@compton.edu
Cheryl Threadgill  2083   Administration Building, room B  cthreadgill@compton.edu
Karina Lopez 2789 Building U klopez11@compton.edu
Alejandra Pham  2402   Vocational Technology, room 179A apham@compton.edu
Desiree Corona Ramirez  2545  Student Success Center, room 201  dcoronaramirez@compton.edu
Eckko Blake  2910  Building U  eblake@compton.edu
Holly Schumacher  2930  Row E, room 16  hschumacher@compton.edu
Jovany Gaucin  2408   Vocational Technology, room 111  jgaucin@compton.edu
Janette Morales 2775  Vocational Technology, room 120  jmorales13@compton.edu
Liliana Huerta 2913  Building U  lhuerta@compton.edu
Melain McIntosh 2769 Transfer & Career Center, row D -29, room D  mmcintosh@compton.edu
Noemi Monterroso 2761  Row F- 10  nmonterroso@compton.edu
Dr. Essie French-Preston 2086  Administration Building, room E  epreston@compton.edu
Dr. Raquel Michel-Jackson 2082  Administration Building, room C  Rmicheljackson@compton.edu
Shay Brown 2956  Building W, room A  sbrown@compton.edu
Theresa Barragan-Echeverria 2760 Transfer & Career Center, row D - 29, room A  tbarragan@compton.edu

 Student Services Advisors

Name Extension Office Location Email
Gilberto Bejar 2021 Welcome Center, row D - 27  gbejar@compton.edu
Chabree Thompson 2022 Welcome Center, row D - 27  cthompson@compton.edu
Beatriz Sapiens 2020 Transfer & Career Center, row D - 29  bsapiens@compton.edu
LaKeisha Wright 2078 Welcome Center, row D - 27  lwright@compton.edu
Stephanie Zamora 2765 Welcome Center, row D-27 szamora@compton.edu

Please click on the campus map link to find office locations: Campus Map

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