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First Year Experience Peer-2-Peer (P2P)

Student Mentor Program




The Compton College First Year Experience (FYE) Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Student Mentor Program is designed to provide an environment where students are empowered to create opportunities meant to enhance their learning beyond the classroom, develop their personal learning style, and build a strong foundation for success in life after college. Students do this by sharing and exploring their various passions and experiences while serving as student leaders in the campus community.

Peer-2-Peer Student Mentors are second-year FYE peer mentors who help new FYE students connect and succeed at Compton College. Ambassadors ease the transition to college by serving as a support and a resource. They provide new students with information, encouragement and guidance as they navigate through the matriculation process. Ambassadors also help students connect to the college faculty, staff, and services. The goal of the program is to develop leadership, provide mentorship, and encourage community service while fostering educational success in higher education.


Our Mission:

  • Build relationships among student and their community so that they may learn from each other and provide the support needed to be successful in college and in life through mutual mentoring
  • Help new FYE students connect and transition to college life
  • Help second-year FYE students develop leadership skills that may lead to other meaningful leadership opportunities

 We do this by:

  • Connecting new students to the campus, fellow students, campus events, resources, and leadership opportunities
  • Training Mentors on group facilitation skills, conflict resolution, diversity awareness, effective outreach, tutoring, and leadership development


Studies have shown that students who are connected to campus life generally have a higher grade point average and have a more enjoyable experience in college.

  • Students have a smoother transition from the community college to the university
  • Excellent accolades on higher education applications and great resume builder experience
  • Gain leadership experience and build stronger communication skills
  • Serve as a role model to positively impact student performance              
  • Directly involved with the development of the FYE Program
  • Meet and enjoy support from fellow students and gain new friendships
  • Receive invitations to leadership opportunities and service learning events
  • Enjoy greater access to key faculty and administrators on campus and staff who can keep you up to date on requirements and deadlines in your major and campus events
  • Letter of recommendation from a top Compton College administrator

Selection Criteria:

  • Must have successfully completed FYE
  • 100% participation in all FYE activities
  • Must complete an FYE Peer-2-Peer Student Mentor Application
  • Must have and maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Must possess good interpersonal communication skills, must be comfortable, and confident in speaking with others

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • A one-year commitment
  • Attend regular monthly meetings
  • Coordinate semi-monthly social mixers to connect with mentees/community
  • Have a minimum of one monthly contact with your mentees/community
  • Establish and maintain a connection with students/community
  • Be knowledgeable of the matriculation and transfer process, campus programs, and services
  • Must complete four-part training segment:
    1. UCLA Challenge Course on Team Building
    2. First Year Experience (FYE) Information Session
    3. New Student Orientation through Counseling Department
  • Provide students with support, leadership and advice based on your knowledge and experience
  • Provide critical support and motivation for students to achieve their higher education and career goals
  • Help mentees navigate the college going pathway and understand eligibility requirements, important deadlines, and time management strategies
  • Provide FYE program with ongoing feedback regarding program services
  • Provide tutoring on a as needed basis
  • Provide support to outreach staff in recruitment of FYE students both on/off campus  

"Student Mentors: helping new and transfer students to

acclimate, participate, and excel at Compton College"

First Year Experience Office

1111 E. Artesia Boulevard

Compton, CA 90221-5393

Wing F, Room 19

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