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Cost of attendance



All students, California residents and non-residents must pay the enrollment fee of $46 per unit. Additionally, Compton College has a mandatory health fee. The health fee is $19 per semester ($16 for Summer Intersession) for each student regardless of the number of units taken.

Non-Resident Tuition

Non-residents of the state of California are charged tuition at $277 per unit. Non-resident tuition is in addition to the enrollment fee $46 per unit paid by all students ($258 + $19 + $46 = $323 unit). If you believe you should be reclassified as a resident student, it is your responsibility to request reclassification at the Admissions and Records Office.

Additional Costs

The Financial Aid Office considers the following discretionary costs in estimating your cost of attendance. These costs are subject to your living situation as well as program of study. The figures presented below are based on average costs for Compton College students.

  • 2018-2019 Cost of Attendance Estimate


Use our customized Net Price Calculator to determine your approximate cost of attendance.

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