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Dual Enrollment - High School & Other Young Students 

Compton College allows the admission of K-12 students for those that can benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work to take credit courses as special part-time students.  To be considered for admission as a special part-time student, the student must meet the eligibility standards set forth in Education Code Sections 48800 and 76001.  For additional information about the Compton College Administrative Regulations regarding high school students review AR 5010 Board Policies and Procedures. 

Click here for the High School Student Enrollment Process 


Compton College Dual Enrollment Programs & Partnerships

Dual Enrollment Afternoon College AB 288 Pathways Early College Regular K-12
Program Description

-College courses offered at the High School site after the regular school day

-Students can enroll in any class, except Physical Education (PE) and Contemporary Health.

-Classes are open to other students

-Series of college courses that lead to an identified guided pathway

-Classes are offered at the high school and are integrated into a students regular high school class schedule

-9th grade to 12th grade IGETC Pathway

-Classes are closed to other students

-Cohort model program where a college curriculum is integrated into the school day

-Students remain in the program for 4 years (9th - 12th grade) with the goal of achieving an IGETC certificate and/or AA/AS/AAT/AST

-In the 11th and 12th grade, students take classes at Compton during the regular school day.

-Classes are open to other students

-Regular High School students not in a specific program.  

-Students can enroll in any class, except Physical Education (PE) and Contemporary Health

Unit Limitation 11 units maximum enrollment allowed  15 units maximum enrollment allowed  11 units maximum enrollment allowed  11 units maximum enrollment allowed 
Current Partnerships

Compton USD

Paramount USD

Carson HS

Lynwood USD

CUSD - IGETC Pathway

  • Compton HS
  • Centennial HS
  • Dominguez HS

Paramount: AJ Pathway

Compton USD Early College Open to all K-12 students

9th - 12th Grade Students


High Achieving K-8th Grade Students

In addition to the Dual Enrollment Application, Kindergarten - 8th grade students must submit additional documents:

  1. Letter from a Principal
  2. Letter from a Parent
  3. Unofficial transcripts
  4. **Letter of Recommendation from a High School English teacher that provides examples of the following:
    1. Demonstrates college-readiness level (time management, study skills, reading comprehension and writing ability, etc.)
    2. Offers evidence of maturity (ability to be self-motivated to complete assignments and homework
    3. Provides evidence of being a well-rounded student (school activities or extracurricular activities)


Applying to Compton College does not guarantee a seat in a class.  Registration priority is given to eligible In-district High School students first.  Followed by continuing students, new and returning students, and then K-12 students.  K-12 Students must go through the application process each semester that they are enrolled as a concurrently enrolled student.


  • The enrollment process is the same for all K-12 dual enrollment students.
  • Enrollment fees are waived for high school students up to 11 units per spring and fall semesters.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own books, school supplies, and class supplies.
  • Compton College will grant college credit for completed coursework.  Students should consult their school counselor and/or school district policy on enrolling in college classes to earn high school credits or dual credit.
  • Students - when you enroll in classes at Compton College, you are considered a college student and are expected to act accordingly.  Please familiarize yourself with policies, procedures, the college calendar, and your rights as a student by reading the class schedule and purchasing a college catalog from the Bookstore.
  • Parents - when your child enrolls in classes at Compton College, you lose some rights by the K-12 system.  As per FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act),  any business you conduct on behalf of your college student must be with the student's written consent.  The parent will need a note from their child to access private educational records or to act on their behalf.  K-12 students enrolled in college are considered regular college students, whether or not they are a minor.
  • Course Restrictions - high school students are not allowed to enroll in PE classes for Summer and Winter sessions and may only be allowed to enroll in PE classes Fall and Spring semester with permission of the academic Dean overseeing Physical Education courses.  High school students may not enroll in Contemporary Health 1 because of adult content.
  • 12th grade students who will be graduating are required to submit a new application as a first-time college student after leaving high school. Apply for admissions online
  • Maximum unit enrollment allowed:
    • Spring and Fall = 11 units
    • Summer = 7 units
    • Winter = 6  units   

Dual Enrollment forms

for more information, or if you have any questions, contact:

Contact Title Telephone Email
Victor Atilano Outreach and College Promise Coordinator (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2767 vatilano@compton.edu
Melvon George Student Services Advisor (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2755 mgeorge1@compton.edu
Tamara Gonzalez Student Services Advisor (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2768 tgonzalez@compton.edu
Gerrard Huff Records Specialist (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2047 ghuff@compton.edu
Stephanie Lopez Dual Enrollment Specialist (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2028 slopez15@compton.edu
Guadalupe Murillo Dual Enrollment Specialist (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2029 gmurillo@compton.edu
Amanda Renteria Dual Enrollment Specialist (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2026 arenteria@compton.edu
Nelly Alvarado Director of Educational Partnerships (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2763 nalvarado@compton.edu
Brian Dean Associate Registrar (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2045 bdean1@compton.edu


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