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Math & Science Center

The Math & Science Center provides FREE group tutoring on a drop-in basis by trained teacher associates and peer tutors. All tutoring is facilitated in a group-study environment where collaborative learning is highly encouraged. Tutors can assist with the following:

  • Understanding key concepts
  • Reviewing chapter content
  • Developing stronger and more effective study skills
  • Guidance when solving difficult equations and problems

Please note:

  • Compton College  is closed to the public until further notice.
  • Only essential personnel are allowed on campus, as scheduled.
  • The majority of classes will remain online for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021. There will be limited in-person labs and classes on campus. 
  • Visit the Compton College COVID-19 webpage for more information.


Beginning June 21, 2021, the SSC will offer in-person tutoring, computer lab, and study room usage. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointment-booking is highly encouraged.

Click here to review/download the fall 2021 in-person math/science center schedule.

Click here to book an in-person appointment with a math/science tutor.


In addition to in-person tutoring, the SSC offers Zoom (online) tutoring.  

Review our Fall 2021 Math/Science Tutoring Schedule (Zoom). The schedule is in .PDF format for easy download. The schedule is subject to change at any time, so always check to make sure you have the most up-to-date schedule. Students must complete the following steps in order to join a Zoom drop-in tutoring session:

  1. Click on the tutor's direct Zoom link to access his/her tutoring session. NOTE: Tutor availability and email addresses are listed on each schedule.  To prepare in advance, please review Zoom training guides below.
  2. Please contact one of the following SSC staff members if you are experiencing issues connecting with a tutor. 

Brenda Donaldson, SSC Instructional Assistant; bdonaldson@compton.edu

Josephine Mays, SSC Instructional Assistant; jmays@compton.edu

Jose Escotto, SSC Instructional Assistant; jescotto@compton.edu 

Wendy Wimberly, SSC Instructional Assistant; wwimberly@compton.edu 

Zoom Training Guides for Students

Watch the following Zoom tutorials before you join a meeting:

SSC Zoom Tutoring Code of Conduct and Best Practices

  1. Please make sure you are referring to the most up-to-date tutoring schedule before entering a Zoom session. Check to make sure that the tutor is available when requested and tutors the subject you need help in.
  2. Enter a meeting only when you need tutoring assistance.
  3. Please be patient, polite, respectful, and wait for your turn to get help.
  4. Have your questions ready, communicate them clearly, and, if possible, share them on your whiteboard.
  5. Given the meticulous nature of virtual tutoring and collaboration, students should limit their time with a tutor to 10-15 minutes. Be mindful that SSC tutors will still follow group tutoring rules and regulations (Zoom tutoring IS NOT private, one-on-one, tutoring). Be sure to bring another assignment to work on - behind the scenes - as you wait your turn.
  6. Depending on the number of hours the tutor is working for the day, s/he may need to take a 15, 30, or 60-minute break. Please be respectful of the tutor's meal/break period. The tutor may virtually "step-away", in which case, students have the option of working individually, or in groups, until the tutor returns. The tutor may provide other options for the students during this time (i.e. joining another tutor's Zoom session).
  7. Be aware that SSC support staff may join a tutor's Zoom session randomly and unannounced. The purpose of these visits will vary, and may include routine quality control and/or tutor evaluation. We apologize for the disruption, but it is necessary in order for the SSC to continuously monitor, assess, and improve academic support services for Compton College students.
  8. No private chatting and/or emailing tutors anytime during the tutoring session.
  9. All tutoring sessions will be recorded.
  10. To avoid embarrassing moments, double and triple check to make sure your device camera is off when you need it to be off, and your audio is muted if you do not want to be heard.
  11. The host tutor reserves the right to terminate a session at any time.
  12. Have your study materials ready, as tutor's textbook access is limited at this time.
  13. Remember that tutors are not instructors and will not conduct lectures.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

  1. Not all subjects transfer well from in-person to online. Depending on the subject being tutored, online tutoring may not yet be perfected. Until recently, it was almost impossible to simulate the experience of freeform collaboration on a shared problem set online, as is common in math and science tutoring.
  2. Forming an emotional connection and building trust can be challenging. When you participate in online tutoring, breaking the ice can be challenging, as it is more difficult to make an emotional connection without being physically present. Remember to smile, use positive and encouraging language. Tutoring is a two-way street; the success of the session depends on strong and appropriate communication between both the tutor and the tutee.
  3. Leave technical troubleshooting to the experts. Keep in mind that tutors are not technology experts. Compton College is still working on various aspects of the transition to online instruction and tutoring. When encountering technical difficulties, please refer to the 'Technical Support' or 'Help' section of the service/software/hardware in question.

Science Resources 

The Math & Science Center provides students the opportunity to strengthen their studies in geology, anatomy and biology through the use of flashcards, slides, and anatomical and biological models. Students must speak to an SSC staff member to check out these items.

Anatomy  Models:

  • 1 model of layer of skin
  • 1 larynx with trachea
  • 1 larynx without trachea
  • 1 eyeball model
  • 1 outer ear
  • 1 cochlea
  • 1 inner ear bone model
  • 1 complete skeleton, unassembled
  • 1 complete skeleton, assembled
  • Embryonic Development model (9 pieces)
  • 1 urinary system model
  • 1 right kidney model with nephron and glomerular capsule
  • 1 respiratory system model
  • 1 male reproductive system model
  • 1 female reproductive system model
  • 1 stomach
  • 1 brain model

Assorted Bones:

  • 2 femur bones
  • 1 scapula
  • 1 clavicle
  • 1 floating rib
  • 1 box C1 C2 vertebra
  • 1 humerus
  • 1 tibia
  • 1 fibula
  • 1 radius
  • 1 ulna
  • 1 manubrium/sternum

COMING SOON! - Chemistry models and Math manipulative models.

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