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Ethnic Studies

Social Sciences Guided Pathway Division

The degree in ethnic studies provides students with an interdisciplinary foundation for the study of American ethnic groups. The degree can be earned in a single ethnic subject category or in the combined American cultures option. The curriculum incorporates a range of cultural, historical, political, and sociological methodologies that provide students with a theoretical framework for analysis of the contributions, role and major issues of African Americans and Chicanos. Students will apply these theoretical perspectives to analyze socioeconomic and political factors that confront ethnic minorities as they interact with the majority society. Competencies will be assessed through examinations, essays, research papers, and directed projects.

Program Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of the degree program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze in a written or oral thesis the theoretical and conceptual social science constructs applied to contemporary issues relative to the specific disciplines of Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Economics, Sociology, and Women's Studies.
  • Apply critical thinking methodology that is consistent within the specific discipline of the program.
  • Formulate research that is designed to examine social issues in a specific discipline of the program.

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