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Compton College / Administrative Operations and Departments / Community Relations / Tartar Mascot Review Taskforce

Tartar Mascot Review Taskforce


Review and discuss the current Compton College Tartar mascot; collected feedback from students, alumni, the community, faculty and staff; and make a recommendation to the President/CEO and the Compton CCD Board of Trustees whether to retire, replace or keep the Tartar Mascot.


Leonor Del Cid, Stephanie (tri-chair, student) Corona-Ramirez, Desiree (counseling/faculty) Escobar, Sadia (student)
Parnock, Heather (tri-chair, management) Ekimyan, Roza (faculty) Garcia, Maya (student)
Woodward, Valerie (tri-chair, faculty) Gonzalez, Steven (faculty) Rubio, Jennifer (student
Garcia, Michelle (management) Blood, Denise (staff) Trapp, Eboni (student)
  Hernandez, Marina (staff)  
  Camacho, Roberta (staff)  

Agendas and Minutes:

June 2, 2022 Agenda Minutes
May 11, 2022 Agenda Minutes
April 26, 2022 Agenda Minutes
March 29, 2022 Agenda Minutes
February 24, 2022 Agenda Minutes
January 19, 2022 Agenda Minutes
December 3, 2021 Agenda Minutes

Taskforce Recommendation - Submitted to President/CEO Curry June 9, 2022 (PDF)

Compton College Tartars Mascot Survey #2 (March 1-21, 2022)

  • 211 responses (88 employees, 93 students, 30 alumni/community members)
    • 62.78% - Retire all previous Tartars mascot images AND the name "Tartars"
    • 37.22% - Keep the name "Tartars" and develop a new mascot image.

Compton College Tartars Mascot Survey (December 20, 2021 - January 3, 2022)

  • 147 responses (65 employees, 74 students, 8 alumni/community members)
  • Knowledge of the "Tartars" mascot
    • 59,86% - no knowledge
    • 32.65% know a good amount
    • 7.48% extremely knowledgeable
  • Preference regarding the "Tartars" mascot:
    • 9.52% Keep the current Tartars mascot image (the caricature with the sword) and the name "Tartars"
    • 59.18% Retire the "Tartars" mascot and name; develop an entirely new name and mascot image
    • 31.29% Keep the name "Tartars" and develop a new mascot image
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