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Academic Senate

Statement of Purpose:

The Academic Senate is organized under the provisions of the California Code of Regulations, Title 5. It shall represent the faculty and make recommendations to the administration and to the Board with respect to academic and professional matters, so long as the exercise of such functions does not conflict with the lawful collective bargaining agreement.

The passage of AB 1725 in 1988 granted the Academic Senate the role as the college’s primary authority on academic and professional matters.

Our purpose is to represent all faculty in dealings with Administration and the Board of Trustees, in developing, revising, and implementing college-wide policies and procedures that concern faculty. The Academic Senate should strengthen the role faculty plays in the collaborative governance process. Furthermore, the Academic Senate should provide a platform where faculty discuss, debate, formulate resolutions and recommendations, provide opinions on academic and professional matters, as well as on other issues of concern.

The Academic Senate is a democratically elected group of faculty who represent their respective divisions.

Academic Senate Goals:

The Academic Senate's annual goals reflect a commitment to "an effective process of collaboration and collegial consultation conducted with integrity and respect to inform and strengthen decision-making" (Strategic Initiative C).


  1. Establish a diverse representation on all campus committees
  2. Increase faculty attendance and involvement at Academic Senate meetings
  3. Support the growth of faculty professional development activities on campus
    1. Faculty Development Committee
    2. Book Club
    3. Suggestions during Academic Senate meetings, FDC, PD Liaisons, Academic Senate President, and Senators of desired PD topics
    4. Increase cultural awareness and cultural intelligence (CQ) on our campus
    5. Establish an Equity Certificate Program
      1. The Equity Centered Syllabus
      2. Equity Centered Pedagogy
      3. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
      4. Africana Centered Pedagogy
      5. Equitable Grading Practices
  4. Increase transparency and communication between:
    1. Faculty and administration
    2. Faculty members
  5. Increase reliance on OER across all subjects
  6. Continue making our campus more inclusive and more equitable
  7. Focus on increasing accessibility to all course material to achieve 504/508 compliance
  8. Implement data driven decision-making and evidence-based practices
    1. Increase awareness of available student success and student retention data
    2. Create dialogue based on the data
    3. Change practices to improve student success and retention

Short Term

  1. Continue to support the implementation of AB705: Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012 for math and English
  2. Finalize list of new programs to be added to Compton College
  3. Support recruitment, enrollment, and persistence efforts by providing ideas and feedback on campus strategies
  4. Ensure faculty have the correct SLOs listed in their syllabi and increase completion of SLOs
  5. Support the redesign of the FYE program
  6. Increase visibility of art on our campus
  7. Establish a succession process for Senate sub-committee chairs

Long Term

  1. Explore avenues to include DEI in the COR and Program Review
  2. Design and implement a Study Abroad Program
  3. Assist in the structure and implementation of AB288: Public Schools: College and Career Access Pathways Partnership Agreements with local high schools

Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws of the Academic Senate of the Compton Community College District 

New Senator Orientation

New Senator Orientation Packet

2022-2023 Meeting Dates and Location:

First and Third Thursdays of every month.

Fall 2022   Spring 2023  
September 1 Zoom March 2 TBD
September 15
Zoom March 16 TBD
October 6 Zoom April 6 TBD
October 20 Zoom April 20 TBD
November 3 Zoom May 4 TBD
November 17 Zoom May 18 TBD
December 1 Zoom June 1 TBD


Academic Senate Committee Membership:

Members E-mail Representation
Minodora Moldoveanu mmoldoveanu@compton.edu President
Carlos Maruri cmaruri@compton.edu Vice President
Noemi Monterroso nmonterroso@compton.edu Secretary
Sean Moore smoore@compton.edu Curriculum Chair
Lesley Asistio lasistio@compton.edu Adjunct Representative
Victoria Martinez vmartinez@compton.edu Adjunct Representative
Theresa Barragan-Echeverria tbarragan@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Stephen Ellis sellis@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Harvey Estrada hestrada@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Desiree Corona-Ramirez dcoronaramirez@compton.edu  Faculty Representative
Charles Hobbs chobbs@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Vanessa Madrid vmadrid@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Don Mason dmason@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Jose Manuel Martinez jmartinez@compton.edu Faculty Representative
David McPatchell dmcpatchell@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Jesse Mills jmills@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Janette Morales jmorales13@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Jasmine Phillips jphillips@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Marjeritta Phillips mphillips@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Kent Schwitkis kschwitkis@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Rajinder Sidhu rsidhu@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Evan Skorka eskorka@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Shirley Thomas sthomas@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Michael VanOverbeck mvanoverbeck@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Jose Villalobos jvillalobos@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Pamella West pwest@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Valerie Woodward vwoodward@compton.edu Faculty Representative


Academic Senate Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Academic Senate - Committee Self-Evaluations

2021-2022 Committee Self-Evaluation

Summary of Academic Senate Decisions and CEO/President Responses

Summary of Academic Senate Decisions CEO/President's Response
Summary of Senate Decisions 9/1/22 and 9/15/22  Response to 9/1/22, 9/15/22, and 10/6/22 Senate Decisions
Summary of Senate Decisions 10/20/22 Response to 10/20/22 Senate Decisions
Summary of Senate Decisions 11/3/22 and 11/17/22 Response to 11/3/22 and 11/17/22 Senate Decisions
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