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Vanessa  Madrid

Assistant Professor

Department: Art
Guided Pathway Division: Fine Arts, Communication and Humanities

Contact Information

(310) 900-1600 ext 2556

TV-30/or D-42


I grew up in Los Angeles, the land of ocean, light, surfers and punk rock. As a curious child I was always creating objects and environments with fabric, cardboard and wood. Hard and soft forms, natural objects and machine parts, chimeras and hybrids that could be part one world, part another fascinated me, prompting me to study textiles, metalsmithing and biology in college. In grad school I worked in painting, sculpture and installation. I exhibit sculpture, printmaking, painting and installations.

I've been teaching at community colleges in Southern California since 2004. As each class is made up of different students, I approach each class as a unique combination of experience and talent. I specialize in student-centered teaching, incorporating a wide variety of teaching methodologies to address visual, auditory and experiential learners. Lectures include digital presentations, demonstrations and group discussion. As a sculptor and painter with an active practice I am able to give students practical and conceptual insight into a variety of art media, including oil and acrylic paint, wood, metal, fabric, video, performance and installation.

Specialties: Student-centered teaching, collaboration, contemporary art theory, installation, painting, drawing, sculpture, wood, metal, fabric, performance art, color theory, design, exceeding expectations.


  • BA in Applied Design: Textiles and Metalsmith, Minor in Ecology, San Diego State University
  • MFA in Sculpture and Installation, Claremont Graduate University
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