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Dr. Malinni  Roeun


Department: Mathematics
Guided Pathway Division: STEM

Contact Information

(310) 900-1600 ext #2427



Here is a little bit about myself:

I was born in Cambodia during the Civil War, 4 yrs of Pol Pot Era, over 1/5 of the population were killed. My family of 5 survived and migrate to refugee camps in Thailand, Philippine, and finally Huston, TX. We couldn't stand the heat and dryness of Texas, then moved to Long Beach, CA 3 months after in May 1985. My Mom is illiterate and my Dad had completed 3-grade levels of education. He was a carpenter. Therefore hardship was inevitable for us all. I was 10  when we got to CA and started in 5th grade at Longfellow Elementary school. Monday to Thursday were my favorite days of the week. I love being in school. At school, life was easy, fun, and there was food.  Unfortunately, Friday to Sunday, I had to work in the sweatshop to help pay rent and put food on the table. This went on for 4 yrs until my high school year,  I went to Jordan High. By then, I was old enough, 14yrs of age,  to attain different types of work. I had worked as a daycare counselor, at a Donut shop,  and photographer until I was 17 and graduated from High School.  

A week after HS, I got married at Drive-Thru in Las Vegas, against my parent's marriage arrangement,  to my current husband. Our marriage was based on an agreement that I must/need to complete my education prior to having any children. Promise kept. I had my daughter, Parisa, after my BS in Mathematics; my son, Parsah, after MS in Mathematics; and a dog, Donut, after my Doctorate.  My journey through life was not easy but I was always grateful that I wake up every morning alive and healthy.  Thus, every hardship, struggles, and constant disappointments, there was an opportunity to learn and to never repeat again.

My favorite quote to life is  " If you give a man a fish he could be fed for one day, but if you teach him to fish, then he will be fed for a lifetime" that is the reason why I'm so passionate about teaching. 

My bucket list is to visit as many countries as possible in this lifetime. Currently, I had visited 43 counties, and by the grace of God,  I hope to continue checking them off.

This is my strength, my motivation, and the remedy to my pains and struggles!

My Family



  • Jordan High School (Long Beach. 92')
  • AS in Mathtematics (Long Beach City College, 95')
  • BS in Mathematics (California State University of Long Beach, 97 )
  • MS in Mathematics/Apply Mathematics (CSULB, 20)
  • ED.D in Leadership & Curriculum (Argosy University, Orange County, 2006)
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