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This page is meant to be a resource for Compton College Faculty seeking information on teaching with Canvas and the tools available to assist with creating learning experiences.

Canvas Certification Process

In order to teach online asynchronously faculty must be certified in distance education. You can find more information on course work, demonstration requirements, and the overall outlined process on the Compton College Process for DE Certification Page.

Professional Development

@One is a service offered to provide faculty with professional development opportunities. They offer a variety of courses and events to help faculty with teaching in an online environment. Compton College also facilitate some of these courses for faculty to make it easier to obtain certification for teaching online asynchronously.

Please contact us at Distance_ed@compton.edu for more information on the certification process or current professional development offerings.

You can register for trainings on our @One Course Registration Form or learn more about the demonstration process.

Additionally you can see a listing of events being offered by the CVC-OEI on their Events Calendar.


Canvas Logo

Growing With Canvas Orientation

There is a self-guided course faculty can access: Growing With Canvas. This course covers basic information on how to develop a course using the Canvas Learning Management system.

Canvas Toolbox

The Canvas Toolbox is a resource for faculty that has many resources for faculty  teaching online at Compton College. 


You can help prepare your students for an online course by incorporating modules from the Online Student Readiness Overview. It is a great resource that helps students get a sense of what is involved with distance learning. The "Student Readiness Overview" is available to faculty to import into their courses via the Canvas Commons under the same name.


Blackboard Ally     

Blackboard Ally Logo

Blackboard Ally is tool to assist you with creating accessible documents. Once you upload a document an accessibility report will be generated indicating how accessible the document is. This is a great tool for help on how to improve document accessibility.

Blackboard Ally Overview Blackboard Ally Quick Start Guide (Instructors) Blackboard Ally Alternative Formats
Blackboard Ally Instructor FAQ Blackboard Ally Accessibility Scores Blackboard Ally Instructor Panel

Self-Guided Accessibility Resources

There are self-guided resources available in Canvas that are available to faculty on how to make Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents accessible.

Please contact us at Distance_ed@compton.edu to be added to our self-guided resources

Instructional design appointments

One-on-one and group Instructional design consultation appointments are available for faculty and staff. These appointments should be used to get assistance with development of Canvas shells. Some examples of why you may want to meet with an Instructional Designer include: Accessibility Compliance, Canvas Shell Development, Online Engagement Strategies, Alternative Assessment Strategies, and Tool Training.

Visit our DE Bookings Page for available times and to book an appointment. Select the appropriate person to see their availability. You must be logged into your “MyCompton” account to access the page.


Adjust-All HQ     

Etudes Logo

A tool that is a central place to quickly make changes to announcements, assignments, quizzes, modules, and other items with bulk change options.

Adjust-All HQ Overview


Badger Logo

Badgr is a badge system that can be used for a multitude of purposes. It is a good platform for adding gamification to content or a tracking system.

Badgr Website Getting Started with Badgr in Canvas Creating a Badgr Open Badge Course Completion Badge


Canvas Studio     

Canvas Studio Logo

A video service for Canvas. This is a media storage space for Faculty that provides a closed captioning service.

Canvas Studio Media Managing Media


Microsoft Forms     

Microsoft Forms Logo

Microsoft Forms is a survey/quiz tool that is available to Compton College Faculty. It has offers branching options for surveys/quizzes, survey/quiz access control features, and the ability to use pictures and videos with questions.

Microsoft Forms Overview

Microsoft OneDrive     

Microsoft OneDrive Logo

OneDrive is a versatile storage system that allows you share files and create collaborative Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Microsoft OneDrive Overview


Padlet Logo

Use Padlet to create organized pages for almost anything you can think of. These are versatile pages that are meant to encourage student participation.

Padlet Website Introduction to Padlet Basics for Instructors



Remind Logo

A communication tool that uses text messaging to communicate with students.

Remind Website Getting Started with Remind


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