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Matriculation is an ongoing process which will help you attain success and achieve your educational goals. The matriculation process is designed to help you match your interests, abilities, needs, and goals with Compton Center's courses, programs, and services.

You are expected to participate in the matriculation process. Participation provides you with information about and referrals to programs and services that will contribute to your success.

New Student Steps for Matriculation

Four Steps to Matriculation

  • File your college application for admission and declare one of these goals:
    • Transfer to a university without an associate degree
    • Associate degree and transfer to a university
    • Associate degree in a vocational program
    • Associate degree in a general education program
    • Certificate in a vocational program
  • Participate in assessment for educational planning. Assessment is based on multiple measures, including placement tests. Take appropriate placement tests and consult with an academic counselor about your educational needs, career interests, aptitudes, and other pertinent information to complete your initial assessment. Placement testing is available in the Assessment Center, located in G-32. English, ESL, and mathematics assessment should be completed before you attempt to register in classes.
    • You must have transcripts or grade slips from all colleges attended before you make a counseling appointment. Courses completed with a grade of "C" or better at an accredited college may be used to meet prerequisites or corequisites if the completed courses are equivalent to El Camino College courses. High school transcripts may be used for assessment. Official transcripts must be mailed from your high school, college, or university to the Records Office
  • Participate in the new student orientation to El Camino College Compton Center, which is offered in conjunction with registration and assessment. A new student must attend an educational planning orientation which is part of the matriculation counseling appointment. The new student orientation will advise you about your educational options and provide important guidance for achieving your goals.
  • Prepare an educational plan with a counselor. You must meet with your counselor at least once a year as part of your matriculation process. During this meeting, you will complete a written educational plan which is a list of recommended courses to take to reach your educational goal. Any concerns regarding the matriculation process may be addressed with the Dean of Enrollment Management. A formal grievance must follow the policy and procedures outlined in this catalog.

For the non-matriculant student

All services and classes are open to general admission students.

If you do not wish to matriculate, you will nonetheless be provided full access to services and classes at El Camino College and Compton Center. As a general admission student, you will not be required to complete the matriculation process.

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