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Associated Student Body

Your Student Council

All Compton College students are members of the Associated Student Body (ASB). Their governing group, the ASB Student Council, are elected officers that play an important role in determining how student activity fees will be used to coordinating Compton College activities and representing student views on relative issues.

ASB, in conjunction with the Office of Student Development, hosts annual events on campus for students throughout the year, such as Black History Month, Latinx Heritage Month, and ASB Awards Banquet.

ASB Constitution - click here (PDF).


2020-2021 Student Council Officers

The Associated Student Body elects students each spring to fill 11 Student Council Offices.

Queen Juarez-Ward

Elizabeth Elizondo
Vice President

Sandy Lai

Sheyna Burns


Commissioner of Activities

Stephanie Zaragoza
Commissioner of Athletics

Genesis Betalla
Commissioner of Classes & Curriculum

Commissioner of Clubs & Organizations

Commissioner of Environment

Commissioner of Financial Aid

Stephanie Alejandra Leonor Del Cid
Commissioner of Public Relations

Laura Reyes
ASB Ambassador

Benson Atkins
Student Trustee

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements to hold an ASB office are:

  1. Be enrolled in 9 or more units (looks like our ASB website needs to be edited on this as well)
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

Student Council Meetings

The student council meets every other Tuesday via Zoom at 1:00 p.m. All Compton College students are invited to attend.

ASB Meeting Agendas and Minutes - Click here.

Apply for ASB

  • 2020-2021 Associated Student Body (ASB) Application, click here.
  • Position descriptions, click here (PDF).
  • Vacant ASB Offices, click here for a list (PDF)

Benefits of joining ASB:

  • Biweekly Leadership Workshops
    • Topics include public speaking, professional soft skills, networking, project & time management, and more.
  • Budget Experience
    • Work alongside ASB to oversee a budget for support student success through opportunities and events. You’ll have direct input on how the money gets spent.
  • Event Planning Experience
    • Create events that enrich the student life experience for all students. 
  • Shared Governance
    • ASB is involved in the discussions and committees with faculty, staff, and administration to discuss how Compton College can support students.
  • Competitive for Transferring to a University
    • Leadership experience to put on a personal statement, resume, or university application can make you more competitive in admissions decisions. 
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation from Office of Student Development for university applications.


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