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  • Effective June 7, 2019, requests for official transcripts for coursework completed beginning with summer 2019, are processed by the Compton College Admissions & Records Office.
  • Depending on the preference of the receiver, transcripts can be sent electronically or mailed as a printed version. 
  • Click this link to order transcripts:  Compton College Transcript Requests.
  • For questions or issues, contact the Credentials Customer Service Department at (847)716-3005. The hours of operation are 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST Monday - Friday.


The cost is $6 per transcript, plus shipping if a printed version is requested. Shipping charges are:

  • 1st Class Mail (US Postal Service Domestic Delivery): $2.25
  • U.S. Postal Service International Delivery: $5.00
  • FedEx Domestic Delivery to Main 48 States: $23.00 + $2.25
  • FedEx Domestic Delivery to Alaska or Hawaii $30.00 + $2.25
  • FedEx International: $53.00 + $2.25


Each student is entitled to two free transcripts. However, Rush Orders are not eligible as free transcripts. 

2. El Camino College Compton Center transcripts (fall 2006-spring 2019)

  • Effective June 7, 2019, official transcripts for coursework completed between fall 2006 and spring 2019 at El Camino College Compton Center, are processed by El Camino College. They are no longer available at Compton College.
  • Please click here to order El Camino College Compton Center Transcripts online. 
  • Please contact El Camino College Records Office at 310-660-3593, Ext. 3436 or email transcripthelp@elcamino.edu for assistance.


3. Compton Community College Transcripts

 (pRIOR TO FALL 2006)

  • Official transcripts, for work completed at the former Compton Community College prior to fall 2006, may be ordered online via Parchment Exchange.
  • Click here more information.


Sending Transcripts to COMPTON College from Other Colleges

You must request college transcripts from all schools you have attended if you:

  • Plan to attend under Veterans or Social Security benefits 
  • Receive academic advisement to become matriculated
  • Need coursework from other colleges to be reviewed for prerequisite clearance
  • Plan to graduate from Compton College with a degree or certificate and wish to have coursework completed at another college considered for graduation

Please mail official transcripts to:
Compton College 
Admissions and Records Office
1111 E Artesia Blvd.
Compton, CA 90221 

Hand carried transcripts are accepted as long as they are sealed.

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