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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the college?

Apply online by visiting: www.compton.edu and on the top left corner, click on Apply Online. New and returning students (those with no current appointment time) must complete a new application.

How do I find MyECC online?

Visit www.compton.edu and on the top right corner, click on MyECC.

What is MyECC?

MyECC is the secure on-line portal used by students to "stay connected." In MyECC, student can register classes, access email, view campus announcements, keep up with campus events, and find links to campus services.

How do I use MyECC?

Visit www.compton.edu and click on Apply & Register Today! under quick links on the left. Then, click on Guide to Registration on the right. This tutorial provides step-by-step guide to registration using MyECC.

How do I login to MyECC?

After you apply, an email will be sent to you with your student ID number. First-time users should select first time user from the MyECC login page and follow the directions for new users. If you encounter the error message, "Constituency Redirection," please call ITS at 310-660-6571, send email to networkservices@elcamino.edu or start an Online Chat with ITS on MyECC. Students that did not provide a social security number in their online application must obtain their dummy social from the A&R office in person.

How do I find my MyECC email account?

In MyECC, on the right panel ECC Links select ECC Email and use your MyECC username and password to login. Or go to mail.elcamino.edu directly.

How do I find my ID Number?

Your ID number will be emailed to you 24 to 48 hours after you submit your online application. The ID can also be found when you generate an unofficial transcript under Grades, Tests & Ed or you can get your id by going to the A&R office with a picture ID.

What if I have missed my registration appointment?

The registration day and time is the earliest time a student can register online. The student may register anytime after the appointment time on MyECC.

I am a returning student, what do I do if I don't have a current registration appointment?

Please reapply to the college through www.compton.edu to obtain a new registration appointment time through MyECC. Whenever a student skips one or more semester, the student needs to reapply to college to obtain a new registration time.

What do I do if there is a hold on MyECC?

Many offices on campus can place a "hold" on a student's MyECC account. Most of these holds will prevent registration. Please clear any hold before registration.

What if I try to register for a class and there is an error message?

The student may see an error message in red. Registration in the class will be prevented according to the error message the student receives.

What do I do if two classes I need overlap by one minute or more?

MyECC will not let students enroll in any classes that overlap with each other, even by one minute. Please select the classes that you want to take without any time conflicts. No one can override this state requirement.

How so I clear the pre-requisites for a class?

If pre-requisites have not been met, student needs to meet with a counselor to clear the pre-requisite in order to register for the class. For Math and English, unless the student has taken the prerequisite class at another college and provides proof to a counselor, the student may be required to take the assessment test.

What do I do if a class I need is closed?

The student can register in another section of the course or the student can try the same section again, since MyECC is a real time process and classes open and close as students add and drop. Although very few students not on the waitlist are added into classes, student can also attend the first day of instruction to see if the instructor can give the student an Add Code.

How can I view my class schedule?

The student schedule can be viewed on MyECC (Registration (Add & Drop) / My Class Schedule / Term). See Meeting Information to see when and where classes are meeting.

What do I do if I don't see the classes I registered on my class schedule?

Please check your MyECC email to see if you are properly registered into the classes and to see if the classes were dropped due to non-payment. Students are sent an email whenever they add or drop classes. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for drop dates for non-payment.

What happened if I get dropped for non-payment?

Student needs to re-register for the classes dropped for non-payment and pay their fees prior to the next drop deadline. Students are responsible to pay their fees prior to drop for nonpayment deadline.

Will my classes be dropped for $.50?

No. However, balances accrue each term and students are required to pay their fees on a timely manner.

How do I register with an Add Code?

Instruction for adding using an add code can be found on the back of the instruction add slip. To register, login to MyECC, click on Registration (Add & Drop) / Online Add with faculty permission) to enter code for registration

What do I do if I am classified as out-of-state and I've been in California all my life?

Please fill out the Residency Reclassification Petition along with necessary legal residency proof (if applicable) and at least two acceptable proofs from the approved list that are at least one year and one day prior to the start of the term you wish to enroll in. Please check our website for complete details.

How do I change my address, Social Security number, or my name?

Address can be updated in MyECC or in person. Social, name, date of birth, and other personal information must be updated in person with a picture ID in the A&R office.

How do I go about requesting transcripts?

If you attend Compton College prior to Fall 2006, you need to request a Compton College transcript using docufide.com, in person with a picture ID or by mail. If you attend El Camino College on/after Fall 2006, official transcripts may be ordered using TranscriptsPlus or in person.

How do I go about requesting enrollment verification?

Verification requests for El Camino College can be done online through the National Student Clearinghouse or in person with a picture ID in the A&R office. Verifications requests for Compton College must be done in person in the A&R office.

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