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Embedded Coaching




What is Embedded Coaching?

The Embedded Coach (EC) Program is a free service offered to students in targeted courses. The program is a non- remedial approach to learning, as the program targets high-risk courses rather than high-risk students.  Coaches are strategically placed  in courses, and serve as a near-peer to students in class.  Most coaches are students themselves who have successfully completed the course with a grade B or better.  In addition to in-class tutoring, coaches conduct a minimum of 1 out-of-class study session per month, which provides students with additional support when processing course content delivered in class.  All students are encouraged to attend EC study sessions, as it is a voluntary program. The program serves Compton College's diverse student body, comprised of students at various levels of academic preparedness. The program model promotes leadership, personal agency, independent learning, and peer collaboration on campus.

EC Coaches are highly skilled and participate in minimum of 20 hours of required training each school year.  EC Coach training covers topics such as how students learn, collaborative learning techniques, instructional strategies aimed at strengthening academic performance, group facilitation techniques, time management, data collection/analysis, pubic speaking, and customer service.

Primary Goals

  • To give students a chance for more individualized attention and feedback during class activities
  • To expose students to tutoring who may not seek it otherwise
  • To help students achieve their academic aspirations by providing peer-facilitated study sessions to enhance their understanding of course content
  • To increase student retention and success rates for targeted courses at Compton College


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