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President/CEO Workgroup and Taskforce Update

December 5, 2019 Update

504/508 Work Group
Chair: Stephanie Schlatter, Director, Special Resource Center
Co-Chair: David Maruyama

Mission: Provide recommendation regarding physical, electronic, and instructional accessibility 

Current Activities: Last meeting on November 26, 2019, to discuss the following topics:  

  • Work group composition and DE/Community Relations consultation
  • Website Design – outside consultant
  • College website, accessibility statement, layout, and difficulty finding disability support services informationand complaints
  • Instructional Designer position
  • Review checklist from the CCC Tech Center Guide.
  • WCAG 2.0, 2.1 adoption
  • UDOIT Guide and Hypothesis v1.123 on Canvas
  • Tools to check accessibility for faculty/staff
  • Safety and evacuation plans for persons with disabilities
  • Update current campus map and include accessibility symbols (ECC map)
  • 508 Training – free resources through the CCCCO

The work group now consists of Tina Kuperman, Linda Owens, Clifford Seymour, and Aura Weber. Academic Senate approved faculty co-chair David Maruyama. Jasmine Phillips and Heather Parnock are not able to attend the meetings thus far but are involved in the activities and recommendations. The next meeting is scheduled for December 10, 2019.  Action items includes selection of accessibility statements, 504/508 training recommendations for February Flex, complaint process review, training videos on website, website redesign, update campus map, and develop a list of compliance tools available or for purchase.

Foster Youth/Guardian Scholars
Chair: Bailey Smith, Director of Student Equity

Mission: Provide input regarding foster youth needs on campus, and guide policies and practices of the Guardian Scholars program.

Current Activities:

  • Re-constituting group after several staff/management transitions

The Guardian Scholars program has undergone various changes in staffing and organization since July 2019. Now that the program has transitioned over to the Student Equity department, we are re-grouping, contacting students and getting on track with required reporting. The Guardian Scholars Task Force has five confirmed members and will be calling an initial meeting during the fall 2019 semester, with regular meetings to be scheduled in winter and spring 2020. The first meeting will focus on program updates and goals for the remainder of the year.

Learning Resource Center Task Force
Chairs: Sarah George, English Faculty; Evan Skorka, Math Faculty; Bailey Smith, Director of Student Equity

Mission: In the interest of improving academic support services in the Student Success Center, establish a community of practice through faculty engagement and proactive communication.

Current Activities: In June 2019, the group submitted the following recommendations to the President/CEO:

  • Allow release time (20%) for math and English faculty to serve as Student Success Center liaisons.
  • Allow faculty tutors in the Math/Science and Reading/Writing Center.
  • Consider appointment-based tutoring.
  • Strongly encourage syllabi inclusion to boost Reading/Writing Center usage.
  • Discuss a potential STEM Center faculty liaison with the existing STEM Advisory Group (could be included in Math Liaison duties).

The following were included as appendices: 

  • Sample Faculty Liaison Job Descriptions (English and math)
  • SSC sample organization chart
  • SSC Faculty Liaison fiscal impact summary
  • AB705 alignment summary

Task force members presented to the Student Equity and Achievement Committee on September 16, 2019, and the Consultative Council on September 30, 2019. Supporting documents were last revised on November 13, 2019.

LGBTQ+ Work Group
Chair: Andree Pacheco, Director of Student Development and Athletics

Mission: The LGBTQ+ work group is a diverse representation of Compton College faculty and staff working collaboratively to develop social programs, interventions, and initiatives for the LGBTQ+ community. This work group recognizes the social challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community in public post-secondary education. The committee is devoted to creating an institutional safe space that will address inequities by implementing effective and engaging policies that facilitate academic success /encourage, uplift, and inspire the LGBTQ+ community.

Current Activities:

  • Student Social Hours were first held in October and will continue through December.
  • Safe Zone training held October 10, and one more are planned for spring 2020 on March 31.
  • Compton College Students and Work Group members will attend the Queer Conference held on March 27 at El Camino College.

Men of Color
Chair: Jerome Evans, Professor and Christopher Perez, Student Activities Coordinator

Mission: The Men of Color Workgroup is a diverse representation of Compton College faculty and staff working collaboratively that develops academic and social programs, interventions, and initiatives that will address the educational crisis facing men of color. The Men of Color Workgroup recognizes the academic and social challenges facing men of color in public post-secondary education and is committed to addressing inequities and implementing effective and engaging policies that facilitate academic success and encourage, uplift, and inspire men of color.

Current Activities:
The Men of Color Workgroup is currently in the process of linking recommendations to logic models for implementation by December 6, 2019. Current recommendations include:

  • Implementation of a Compton College male-success initiative
  • Schedule an annual Men of Color conference
  • Provide mentorship for students through faculty, staff, and administration

UndocuAlly Task Force
Chair: Chris Perez, Student Activities Coordinator

Mission: The UndocuAlly Task Force serves to recognize, assess, and implement strategies to assist our undocumented/AB 540 students with their enrollment, persistence, and completion of their academic goals.

Current Activities:
We held our first meeting, with all four members of the committee in attendance, to debrief about the UndocuAlly information session, the Undocu Training from Cerritos College, and training scheduled for spring 2020. These are our next steps:

  • Discuss the transition of chair responsibilities
  • Expand committee membership to include representation from our Guided Pathway Divisions and Admissions & Records Office to supplement gaps in information. Current additional members include:
    • Andres Orozco
    • Oluwatosin Williams
  • Schedule an ally/liaison meeting (TBD) to inform the campus community about our current activities and how to implement the Allies support for Compton College students
  • Work with the Fine Arts program to identify students who would be interested in creating an official butterfly logo to serve as a symbol of the UndocuAlly Task Force
  • Brand our internal documents for distribution on campus
  • Discuss updates/changes to the fall 2019 information session to better train our allies for the spring 2020 semester

Veterans Work Group
Chair: Keith Cobb, Director of Financial Aid

Mission: Develop a comprehensive plan for veteran services at Compton college, including identifying resources, and increasing support for the veteran population on campus, as well as future veteran students.

Current Activities:

  • In October we sent out a request for committee members and received a response from seven individuals.
  • Green Zone training was offered to all Compton College faculty and staff on November 7, 2019.
  • The Compton College Veterans Resource Center was approved as a work-site by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • A student worker, who is a student-veteran, was hired to assist staff and veterans in the Veterans Resource Center.

To date, 16 student-veterans have been certified for educational benefits for fall 2019.

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