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Compton College / Administrative Operations and Departments / Campus Committees / Health, Safety, and Parking Committee

Health, Safety and Parking Committee


Statement of Purpose:

To monitor and oversee an infrastructure of safety procedures and health/emergency measures on campus, and to prepare and implement the District's Health and Safety Plan.

Our Mission is to provide and maintain a safe campus environment through planning, training, education and dedication to improve safety for our students, visitors, faculty and staff.


Current Goals:

The goals of the Health, Safety and Parking Committee are as follows;

(1). Involve employees in safety and loss control management,

(2). Lower the frequency and severity of accidents and injuries,

(3). Maintain a safe environment for employees and visitors,

(4). Involve all employee participation in safety programs


Meeting Dates and Location:

The second Wednesday of every month at 1:30 p.m. in V-72 (Campus Police).



Members Email Representation
Lt. Ramund Box rbox@elcamino.edu Chairman
Consuelo Morales cmorales@elcamino.edu Management Representative
Sandra Aparicio saparicio@elcamino.edu Staff Assistance
Chris Halligan challigan@elcamino.edu Faculty Representative
Shemiran Lazar slazar@elcamino.edu Faculty Representative
Vacant   Faculty Representative
Eyob Wallano ewallano@elcamino.edu Faculty Representative
Nicole Gordon ngordon@compton.edu CCCFE - Classified Unit Representative
Felicia Hatten fhatten@compton.edu CCCFE - Classified Unit Representative
Armando Ruiz amruiz@elcamino.edu Confidential Employees Representative
Wendy Rodriguez   Associated Student Body Representative



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