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Compton College / Administrative Operations and Departments / Campus Committees / Curriculum Committee / Committee Membership

curriculum Committee Membership


Voting Members Email Representation
Hassan Elfarissi helfarissi@elcamino.edu Division 1 Faculty/Anatomy
Harvey Estrada hestrada@elcamino.edu Division 2 Faculty/Music
Paul Flor pflor@elcamino.edu Student Learning Outcomes/Political Science
Jennifer Hill jkhill@elcamino.edu Division 3 Faculty/English
Charles Hobbs chobbs@elcamino.edu Librarian
Abiodun Osanyinpeju aosanyinpeju@elcamino.edu Dean/Division 1
Hoa Pham htpham@elcamino.edu Division Chair; Division 1/Child Development
Jasmine Phillips jphillips@elcamino.edu Distance Education Coordinator/Division 3
Kendahl Radcliffe kradcliffe@elcamino.edu Division 2 Faculty/History
Ayesha Sirajuddin asirajuddin@elcamino.edu Division 1 Faculty/Anatomy
Holly Schumacher hschumacher@elcamino.edu Counselor
Gerson Valle gvalle@elcamino.edu Division 3 Faculty/Mathematics
Non-Voting Members Email Representation
 Stephanie Atkinson-Alston satkinson@elcamino.edu Vice President, Academic Affairs
 Roza Ekimyan  rekimyan@elcamino.edu Curriculum Committee Chair/Human Development
 Maya Medina  mbmedina@compton.edu Curriculum Analyst
 Nikki William nwilliams@elcamino.edu Academic Senate Secretary
 Vacant   Articulation Officer
 Vacant   Student Representative
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