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Compton College / Academic Programs / Division 1

Health, Natural Sciences and Human Services

The mission of Division 1 at Compton College is to offer quality, comprehensive educational programs and services that allow students the ability to transfer to a four-year institutions, earn an associate degree and/or certificate that meet the general education requirements and lead toward obtaining a job in an inspiring career or job skills essential to today's job market.  The staff, faculty and administrator in Division 1 proposes to create a community of competent and ethical professionals with strong critical thinking skills and the ability to work in a diverse, global community.  The Division's ultimate goal is to prepare students to possess the knowledge and skills to pursue further education and careers essentials to transition into scholarly-practitioners in a world of diverse culture in which they work and live.  


Health Sciences

Contemporary Health, First Aid, Medical Terminology, Nursing, Nutrition & Foods, Physical Education/Kinesiology

Human Services

Childhood Education, Education, Psychology, Recreation

Natural Sciences

Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Microbiology, Physics, Physiology



Hours of Operation

Fall/Spring Semester: Monday-Friday 9AM-1PM; 2:30PM-5PM
Summer/Winter Term: Monday-Thursday 8AM-1PM; 2:00PM-6:30PM


Contact Information

Abiodun Osanyinpeju
Dean of Student Learning
310-900-1600  ext. 2727, AHB 111

Shirley Thomas
Interim Associate Dean/Nursing Program Director
310-900-1600  ext. 2717, AHB 104

Donald Roach
Division Chair
310-900-1600  ext. 2332, MS 222

Kayla Ellis
Administrative Assistant
310-900-1600  ext. 2701, AHB 110

Instructional Assistants

Luz Beltran
310-900-1600 ext. 2730, AHB 146

Donald Mitchell
310-900-1600 ext. 2722, AHB 146

Laboratory Technician
Ruben Valenzuela
310-900-1600 ext. 2429, MS 226

Laboratory Technician
Victor Kowalski
310-900-1600 ext. 2318, MS 109B

Laboratory Technician
Gustavo Dominguez
310-900-1600 ext. 2312, MS 130

Instructional Coordinator

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