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Get The Facts:

  • Today, women have a 90% chance of becoming sole support for themselves and/or their children at sometime during their lives.

  • Women in nontraditional jobs typically earn 20% - 30% more than women in traditional occupations.

  • 66% of married women with a spouse present are working.

  • 75% of divorced women are in the workforce.

  • Women's weekly earnings are just 75.4% of men's.

  • Women who are members of unions earn about 35% more than women working in places without unions.

  • Women make up 48% of the total workforce.

  • 1 in 4 households with children under the age of 18 are headed by women.

  • 2/3 of women with children under the age of 6 are in the workforce.

  • Women work an average of 34 years outside the home.

  • Women in nontraditional careers are self-sufficient, empowered, and successful!


High Training / High Salaries

  • Administration of Justice starting @ $18.12/hr - $27.00/hr

  • Automotive Collision Repair / Painting starting # $26.61/hr - $27.68/hr 

  • Automotive Technology starting @ $9.00/hr - $28.00/hr

  • Fire & Emergency Technology starting @ $10.74/hr - $24.67/hr

  • Machine Tool Technology starting @ $8.25/hr - $20.00/hr

  • Welding starting @ $8.00/hr - $23.00/hr


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