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Automotive Collision Repair / Painting Degree

Associate in Science Degree

To receive an Associate in Science degree from El Camino College Compton Educational Center, a student must complete at least 60 units in degree applicable college courses which must include general education requirements and course work in an approved transfer major or associate degree program. Course work toward the degree must be completed with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher. A minimum of 12 of the required 60 degree applicable units must be successfully completed at El Camino College Compton Educational Center. A notation of "Graduation with Honors" is earned with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students must file an intent to graduate in the evaluations area located in the Admissions Office by the deadline date published in the schedule of classes.

Major Requirements

At least 50% of the major requirements for the Associate in Science Degree must be completed at El Camino College Compton Educational Center.

A minimum of 20 units from the following:

 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 1A Introduction to Automotive Collision Repair (8 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 1B Collision Repair Equipment and Welding Techniques (8 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 1C Major Collision Analysis and Repair (8 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 1D Automotive Component Systems Analysis and Repair (8 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 2A Basic Automotive Painting - Refinishing (8 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 2B Automotive Refinishing Materials and Equipment (8 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 2C Automotive Refinishing Applications (8 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 3A Introduction to Automotive Collision Estimating (1 unit  )
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 4abcd
(Can be taken up to 4 times)
Automotive Collision Repair: Collision Damage (4 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 5abcd
(Can be taken up to 4 times)
Automotive Collision Repair: Painting (4 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 20 Automotive Collision Investigation (3 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 22 Automotive Repair Fraud (3 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 24 Automotive Collision Analysis (3 units)
 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 26 Automotive Accident Reconstruction (3 units)

Recommended Electives:

 Automotive Collision Repair / Painting 95abcd
(Can be taken up to 4 times)
Cooperative Career Education                                  

(2-4 units)

 Machine Tool Technology 16ab
(Can be taken up to 2 times)
General Metals (3 units)
 Technical Mathematics 1 Technical Mathematics for Vocational Students (3 units)
 Welding 15ab Basic Welding for Allied Fields (3 units)

Total Units: 20

Courses not available at the Compton Center may be taken at the Torrance campus.
Description of courses can be found in the class schedule/catalog.

Contact Information

Alicia Zambrano
(310) 900-1600 Ext. 2779

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